About Local Church Milton


Ben Cathey

Get to know Local Church Milton’s Lead Pastor

I have a deep love for God, a genuine affection for people, and a passion for assisting individuals in their full commitment to following Jesus.

My life’s journey began in Atlanta, where I attended McEachern High School and later pursued my education at Auburn University. During my time at Auburn, two significant decisions shaped my path: I answered the calling to ministry and proposed to my high school sweetheart, June.

Together, June and I have embarked on an incredible journey. We’ve raised three wonderful children and gained two sons-in-law, and I’ve spent over two decades serving as a lead pastor, witnessing the positive transformation of countless lives.

I bring my experience to this new adventure, holding a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Seminary, although I’m no medical doctor. However, June is entering a new career as a Nurse Practitioner, having recently graduated from Samford University.

We share a love for the outdoors, skiing, traveling, college football, quality family time, and witnessing the flourishing of God’s church through health and growth. We are thrilled to continue this journey as we collaborate with others to establish Milton’s newest church – Local Church Milton.

About the Church

A Bit of Local History

On June 21, 2023, we met for the first Interest Meeting in the Community Place at Milton City Hall. About 40 people attended a standing-room-only gathering that night. Ten people immediately jumped in to join the launch team. The group began meeting, planning, praying, and learning the following week and never looked back.

After two more interest meetings in July and August, the launch team grew to over 20 people, and we set a day to launch public worship. We wanted a location close to Crabapple and easily accessible from North Milton. Northwestern Middle School (next to Milton High School) was the perfect location. We are so grateful to be able to turn a middle school into a church every Sunday. The porch and lobby serve as a place to “come early and stay late,” the gym and classrooms host kids’ ministries, and we gather for worship in the cafeteria – known as the Wildcat Café’ among students.

On October 15, 2023, one hundred and thirty-seven people gathered to celebrate the launch of Milton’s newest church, and two weekly Bible Studies began. A student ministry quickly formed, and the people of Local Church Milton began to look for ways to bless our community.

With the support and camaraderie of the Local Church family, we hope to lead people to fully follow Jesus in all areas of life. We hope to help you take unique next steps as you consider how God calls you to serve and live. We hope to help you know, understand, and apply the Bible. We will gather every week with the Lord for genuine worship together. We will find ways to bless the people and organizations in Milton. 

What Sets Local Church Apart

“Local” is not just in our name but who we want to be. The Local Church family called Ben Cathey to begin Local Church Milton in June 2023. We launched public worship four months later, on October 15.

Different from “build bigger” and more local than “start a campus”, we hope that relationships will drive our actions both inside and outside the church walls. We often say, “Come early and stay late” because that’s where the best conversations happen. We want to help our neighbors and local organizations in practical ways while pointing toward Jesus as our motivation.

Our strategy is to create genuine worship, next steps that are unique to each person, teaching that is biblical, and community engagement that is helpful. The values that drive us are family, authenticity, enjoyment, and locality. Our mission is to lead people to fully follow Jesus.

Local Church Milton is the newest (and fourth) church in a family of churches sharing this common ministry vision. Each of the four churches is bound together. At the same time, each pastor leads, teaches, and engages the community differently based on the local culture and needs.

From four board fences and quiet gravel roads to the friendly activity at Crabapple Market and the Birmingham Crossroads Milton is such a unique and peaceful place. Families gather. Friends visit. Kids play. Forged in the countryside and optimistic about the future, Milton is a place where you can breathe and pursue a dream. What will happen if Milton gets together to fully follow Jesus? We believe God will author a unique and compelling story. New life born. Freedom found. Differences made. People helped. A story that everyone will want to take part in. A local legacy that will last for eternity.

Broadwell Pavillion

The Local Community serves as the lifeblood of our church. It forms a rich tapestry of individuals hailing from diverse walks of life, united by a shared commitment to faith and unity.

Crabapple Market, The Rooftops, and The Green

We are so thankful for the hospitality of Adam Orkin (Orkin and Associates.) We love the Crabapple Market area – we’ve hosted meetings at The Nest and hosted our very first student gathering at Peace, Love, and Pizza. The Rooftops has hosted an interest meeting, launch team meetings, and bible study meetings. We were also able to set up a tent on The Green during Crabapple Fest and say hello to our neighbors. On Dec. 23rd, we will host a Candlelight Christmas Service on The Green.

Community Place @ Milton City Hall

the very first meeting ever happened here in June of 2023. What a great community amenity. The perfect place to host a medium sized group and the perfect spot to let the community know about Local Church Milton for the very first time.

Join us on Sunday morning!

Sundays at 10:00 a.m.