Equipping you to fully follow Jesus

Prompting growth at every life stage




Attending church on Sunday morning is the first step, but you don’t have to stop there. Maybe you want to join a Bible study, start volunteering, or get baptized. What is your next step?

Bible Studies

Engaging in Bible study is an excellent next step in understanding scripture. Applying its teachings deepens your trust in Jesus.


Remember your first time at Local? Volunteers helped make it a great experience for you. You get to help create that experience for others!

Get Baptized

After you make the decision to put your faith in Jesus, an exciting and meaningful next step is baptism.


How Can We Pray For You?

At Local Church, we believe in the power of prayer and its role in our journey to fully following Jesus. Prayer is not just a religious ritual; it’s a personal discipline that strengthens our relationship with God.

Prayer is a pathway to seek God’s guidance, find comfort in times of need, and experience His presence in our daily lives. If you’re facing challenges, celebrating victories, or simply seeking a moment of connection with God, our prayer team is here for you.

Join us on Sunday morning!

Sundays at 10:00 AM